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  • Please take note of error in Tasheelul Fiqh Book 4.
    Page 28, No.1
    The book says 2.5km ❌
    The correct distance is 1.7km ✔

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المالك Al-Malik: The Ruler

المالك Al-Malik: The Ruler

Our beloved Rabb, Allah Ta’ala is the King of all kings and the Ruler over all rulers. Kings, presidents and ministers in this world are all under the rule of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala rules the entire world, what we can see and what we cannot see. Kings and presidents only rule over their little countries and that too, they do not have total control over everyone and everything. They have no control over the fish, birds, ants, animals, etc. Allah Ta’ala rules over the entire creation, the humans, the animals, the birds and the fish. We need to obey Allah Ta’ala alone as He is the ruler in this world and in the hereafter.

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January 2020 – Maktab Teacher’s Muzaakarah Workshop


Duration: 3.19 min
Size: 1.26 MB

3 Important Points for a Maktab Teacher

by: Moulana Ismail Carim
Duration: 8.37 min
Size: 3.39 MB


by: Moulana Imtiaz Kathrada
Duration: 17 min
Size: 6.91 MB

Guest Speaker

Hadhrat Moulana Ilyas Patel (db)
Duration: 24.56 min
Size: 9.99 MB

How to Teach Yassarnal Qur-aan Part One

by: Hadhrat Moulana Ismail bayat (db)
Duration: 30 min
Size: 12.2 MB

>> Download Notes Here <<<

Passion and Compassion

by: Moulana Ismail Adamjee (db)
Duration: 35.19 min
Size: 14.3 MB

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