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Year End Advice for Maktab Teachers

Date: 3-12-2019
Duration: 6.12 min.
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Muhtaram Ulama / Muallimah

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

It is that time of the year when schools are planning their year-end parties, proms, debs balls etc. Many Muslim children are unaware of the harms and evils that take place in these parties. Asaatizah should please inform the children in their classes of the evils that take place here and do whatever is in their capacity to stop the children from attending. Below is a short notice that could be sent out to the parents informing them of the harms of these gatherings. May Allah Ta’ala protect our children from such evil and vice.

Download Notice Here >>> Important_Notice_Year-End_Parties

Important Notice!!!*

RE: Year-End Parties, Debs Balls and Proms

Respected Parents

Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu

We are now reaching the end of the year and many schools are preparing for the year-end parties and Debs Balls.

As parents, we have to understand that there will be many wrongs and evils taking place at these parties.

Music, dancing, singing and a whole host of evils will be taking place at these parties. These acts bring the anger and wrath of our beloved Creator, Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. Muslims must never attend or indulge in such gatherings and festivities.

There are many drug lords who attend these parties and sell drugs very cheap to children who attend. Alcoholic drinks are served and many people become drunk at these parties. Many cases of rape have also been reported. Many children have ended up in hospitals and police stations after such events.

As parents, we have to understand the evil these places and what may happen to our innocent children in such circumstances.

There have been reported incidents where pupils have died at such parties. May Allah save us from an evil and bad death.

Please let us protect ourselves and our innocent children from attending these year-end parties.

May Allah protect and guide us all.

Jazakallahu khair

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    Page 28, No.1
    The book says 2.5km ❌
    The correct distance is 1.7km ✔

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Exam Guideline Notes for Teachers

1. Write the dates for the examinations on the board and keep on reminding the pupils of the upcoming exams.

2. Commence a thorough revision program in all subjects.

3. Inform pupils of the extent of work to study in each subject.

4. Contact parents to assist the pupils in the revision program.

5. All examinations on Saturdays will commence at 08h45.

6. In the Hadith examinations, the grade one, two and three pupils will be tested on the Arabic wording of the Hadith and translation only. The grade 4 -7 pupils will also be tested a few points from the lessons learnt from the Hadith for that particular grade. No pupils will be tested the stories.

7. Have the names of the pupils written down in on both sides of the mark sheet prior to the exams.

8. Encourage the baaligh girls to wear purdah and attend Madrasah, especially for the examinations.

9. Those girls who are in their menses should be indicated with a star (*) on the mark sheet.

10. An assessment of the pre-school pupils should be conducted internally and appropriate symbols should be filled into the report.

11. Ensure that all pupils come early to Madrasah on the day of the exams.

12. Please have all progress cards filled in and ready for the examiner.

13. Ensure that the teacher’s assessment is also filled in.

14. Pupils who are absent from the exams will not be given any mark. An ‘A’ circled in red in the report will indicate that the pupil was absent.

15.   A mark out 50 will be given for the attendance of each pupil. A guide on how to work this out is included in the exam pack.

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الله – Allah: is the greatest name of our Beloved Creator

“Allah” is the greatest name of our beloved Creator. The name “Allah” is exclusively only for Allah. No one else can have the name “Allah”. The name “Allah” is so easy and light on the tongue, and so relaxing and pleasing to the heart. Let us try to always keep the beautiful name of “Allah” on our tongue and encourage our family and friends to do the same.

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October 2019 – Maktab Teacher’s Muzaakarah Workshop

Revision and Preparation for Final Examinations

by: Moulana Aslam Padia
Duration: 19 min
Size: 7.2 MB

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Report Writing Guidelines

by: Moulana Junaid Khan
Duration: 26 min
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Announcements and Important Points

by: Hadhrat Moulana Ismail Bayat (DB)
Duration: 12 min
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Advices: The Obstacle of Pride in the life of a Maktab Teacher

by: Hadhrat Moulana Imtiaz Kathrada
Duration: 17 min
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