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The Key Attribute of a Successful Teacher

Punctuality (The key attribute of a successful teacher)Attendance and punctuality are the key features in any successful teacher, more so a teacher of the Qur-aan and Hadith. In order to produce excellent results in the classroom, a teacher has to imbibe the attribute of punctuality in his/her life. In fact, punctuality is the stepping stone towards success in any field. Coming late to class regularly is a sign of irresponsibility and deprives one of the noor (light) of ilm.

Remember that every child in the class is an amaanah and every minute of which you spend in the classroom is also an amaanah. Every teacher will be questioned about these two aspects by Allah Ta’ala. When a parent has sent his child to your class, he has certain expectations from you as a teacher. Most definitely, no parent wants to see that his child’s educator is late for classes regularly. What kind of an example are we setting for our learners?

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