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Story of a Taxi Driver

Once there was a taxi driver, driving down the road. He saw someone on the side of the road asking for a lift. So he stopped and asked the persons’ name. The person replied, “Lolly pop”. The taxi driver was very happy because he liked lollypops. So he put lollypop in the back seat and carried on driving.

After a while he saw someone else asking for a lift. So he stopped and asked the person’s name. The person replied, “Simba potato chips.” The taxi driver put simba in the back seat as well, and continued to drive. After a while he saw another person asking for a lift. This time it was ‘Chappies bubblegum’. This was the drivers favourite so he put chappies in the front seat and continued driving until he came across another person by the name of ‘Salaah’. He refused ‘Salaah’ a lift saying there is no place for him and that he will be picked up later.

As the taxi driver drove on, he came across a big tall man standing on the road. The man stopped the taxi and said he is Malakul Maut (the Angel of death). The taxi driver tried to go back and fetch Salaah, but it was too late. His life was suddenly taken away.

Lesson: We are all moving through this world. It must not be that we enjoy all the fun and food but we leave out our Deen, our Salaah, our Qur-aan. When we die, we cannot come back to do good. We only have one chance.


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