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High School Girls

Question: This year alhamdulillah after much encouragement and targheeb, we have for the first time in the history of our madrasah, a group of high school girls attending from grade 8–11 girls (1 or 2 girls in each grade). They have been through the maktab system and can only manage to attend maktab thrice a week for 1 ¼ hours. What syllabus do you suggest we should do with them? Something practical and not very rigid?

Answer: Alhamdulillah this is extremely good news and is something that should be encouraged in every Maktab. One senior Apa of the Madrasah should be appointed to teach these girls. Her approach should be friendly and not that of a harsh nature. They may continue with revision of Qur-aan, Surahs and duas that were done previously in the primary grades. They should start off with the Ta’limul Haq prepared by the late Chota Mota Desai (RA) of Umzinto. It is a very practical book and contains all the necessary masaail in it. Furthermore they should also be taught the Tuhfatul Banaat, a book which discusses all necessary issues and laws pertaining to women. The Apa should also prepare topics to discuss with them informally pertaining to issues that teenage girls are faced with. E.g. Respect for parents, Boyfriend relationships, cell phones, challenges faced in school, aspects related to Aqaaid, etc. May Allah Ta’ala accept your efforts and crown them with success.


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