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Muzaakarah for Maktab Asaatiza (Teachers)

  1. Punctuality: Try and be in the class at least 5 minutes before the class time commences. This will Insha Allah assist the pupils also to be punctual in class. The Ustaad /Apa should leave the class only once the period is over. If for some reason we have to arrive late or stay absent from class, phone your principal or Supervisor and inform him of your absence.

  2. Preparation: Prepare thoroughly for the lessons so that maximum time is utilised for the benefit of the students. (Know what you are going to teach).

  3. Cell phones should be switched off during class times. At no time should any ustaad /Apa answer his cell phone during the class times. If mistakenly the cell phone rings, immediately switch it off.

  4. Try to complete all one’s necessities before class time. E.g. wudhu, istinjaa, etc. so that during class time there is no interruption to the classes.

  5. Be alert during class times, and try to extract maximum work from the pupils. Remember this time is an amaanah.  At no time should any Ustaad / Apa sleep in the class. There should be a formal atmosphere in the classroom. Do not allow the students to undermine and interrupt the importance of the lesson.

  6. Don’t take any personal khidmat (service) from any student.


  8. Dressing: Mu’allimahs must dress according to the Shariah. All Mu’allimahs must wear loose fitting, plain cloaks and don the Niqaab as this is a requirement of the Shariah. Please abstain from wearing jeans and tight fitting pants. Mu’allims should also dress appropriately with kurta, trousers above ankles and topee. Please abstain from wearing Jammies under the kurta.

  9. Tarbiyyah: Always be concerned about the tarbiyyah of the children. Teach them how to make salaam, say JazakAllah, Alhamdulillah, etc. Boys and girls must be separated from grade 5 upwards. Teach the girls the importance of staying away from boys, and vice versa. Be concerned about their practice on all the sunnats. E.g. drinking with the right hand, trousers above the ankles for boys, wearing their right shoe first. Fazaaile Aamaal: Daily read one section of the Fazaail-e-Aamaal to the children as prescribed.

  10. Salaah:  It is the duty of the Mu’allim/ah to ensure that all children perform the Zuhr and Asr Salaah in the Madrasah. Encourage them to fill the salaah chart in the diary.

Please take note of the following:

  • Always work with Ikhlaas (Sincerity) for the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala

  • Always be Compassionate and kind to the students

  • Utilise the time of the students constructively in class and out of class

  • Speak to the students on their level

  • Be a perfect example and role model to the students

  • Daily make dua for the students. The dua of the ustaad /Apa for his/her students is accepted

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