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الخالق - Al Khaaliq: The Creator

الخالق - Al Khaaliq: The Creator

Allah Ta’ala created the animals on the land, the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky. Everything that we can see and even that which we cannot see is created by Allah Ta’ala.

A tailor cannot sew a cloak or a kurta with the lights switched off. A shoe maker cannot make a shoe inside a shoe box. But our Allah Ta’ala created us inside our Mummy, full of darkness, no light, no space.

For us to make a small house is easy, but to make a big city is difficult. For Allah Ta’ala to create a small ant is easy and to create a big elephant is also easy. 

Allah Ta’ala created the day so we can work and the night so we can sleep.

Allah Ta’ala created trees to give us fruit, bees to give us honey, cows to give us milk, sheep to give us meat, fowls to give us eggs, Allah Ta’ala created everything to work for us and Allah Ta’ala created us to work for Him, to worship Him. 

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