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السميع - As Samee': The All Hearing

السميع - As Samee': The All Hearing

Ask the class, who can hear all the things all the time?.....Allah Ta'ala!

We can listen to only 1 person at a time. If two people speak to us at one time, we’ll listen ½ ½ and if 3 or more people speak to us at one time, its noise, we can’t understand them. But our beloved Allah Ta’ala can listen and understand billions of humans all at one time.

We understand English, maybe some understand Afrikaans, Zulu, Urdu, Arabic, Gujraati but our Allah Ta’ala understands all the languages of the world; Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Swahili, Bangali.

We understand only the humans. But our Allah Ta’ala understands the animals as well; the monkeys and donkeys, birds and snakes, bulls and lions.

We can hear near, not far. For e.g. we can hear what’s happening in the madrasah if we are in the madrasah. We can’t sit at home and say we’ll listen from there. But for Allah Ta’ala near and far is all the same.

For us to hear something loud is easy and something soft is difficult. But for Allah Ta’ala loud and soft is all the same. Allah Ta’ala can even hear us when we whisper.

Therefore, make a strong intention, no more lying, swearing, backbiting, carrying tales because our Allah Ta’ala is hearing us all the time.

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