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The Story of Hadhrat Ibraheem (Alayhis Salaam)


Hadhrat Ibraheem u was a great Nabi of Allah Ta’ala. He was called ‘Khalillullah (The close friend of Allah Ta’ala). He really loved Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala wanted to test him as He always tests those whom He loves so that they may become more beloved to Him.

The First Test


Respect for the family of Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam)

Hazrat Rabee bin Sulaymaan (RA) says: "I once went for Haj together with my brother and a group of other pilgrims. On reaching Kufa, I went into the town to buy some of the necessities required for the journey. On the way, in a desolate spot, I saw a woman dressed like one of the poor, cutting pieces of meat from a dead mule which was lying on the ground. She put the meat in her basket and set off. I saw all this and it grieved me to think that possibly this woman was taking meat from a dead animal to feed others.


My Mother's Hands


Eid was nearing and I felt it was necessary to get my Mother a new Abaya(Cloak or Jilbab)as her other Abayas were frail and worn out. I stopped by on Saturday morning and told my mum to come along as I have a surprise for her.


How to make your Children Perform Salaah on their Own without Reminding them

My Daughter was 12 years old and salaah was like a heavy burden on her. One day I told her to perform her salaah and I watched her go off. She took her musalla and threw it on the ground. I asked her if she read her salaah and she replied, “yes.” I was devastated as I knew she was lying to me. I watched her closely and knew that she hadn’t performed her salaah. Believe me, without feeling I slapped her across her face. I know I shouldn’t have reacted with aggression but I was upset with her attitude.



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