Text Book Errors

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Mistake in the Practicals Kitaab

Please note error on page 50 of the Practicals Kitaab.
Salaah for females: Both hands should be kept on the upper part of the thighs with the fingers kept together. — Incorrect
The correct method is; “Place the hands on the thighs with the fingers together and the fingertips at the edge of the knees.” (Raddul Muhtaar Vol. 1 Page 504)”
September 30th, 2023|Text Book Errors|

History Book 4

On page 5 of the Ta’limi Board (KZN) History Book 4 (8th edition) there is an error.

The error reads as follows;
1. The Muslims and Jews will respect one another’s religion. [Error] ❌

Please change it to;
1. The Jews will be allowed to remain on their religion. ✔

Senior Grade History
Page 68 (First & Second Edition): The Safavid dynasty was shia and not Muslim. It will be removed from future editions of the book.

Tasheelul Aqaaid Grade 6
Page 101/102. Point Number 7 should appear after point 4 thereafter point 5, point 6 and then point 8 and 9.

Please take note of the following errors in the History text Book:

Grade 6 – On page 3: of the Islamic History Grade 6, the 3rd paragraph it is mentioned, “Sa’d bin Ubadah (RA)“, the leader of the Ansaar. The correct name is supposed to be “Sa’d bin Muaaz (RA)“.

Grade 7 – On page 70: of the Islamic History Grade 7, it is mentioned on the last line that Hadhrat Ali (radiyallahu anhu) is buried in Kufa at a place called Najaf. This incorrect. Many people have a difference of opinion as to where exactly Hadhrat Ali (radiyallahu anhu) is buried. But where exactly is his grave remains unknown up to this day.

Please take note of error in Tasheelul Fiqh Book 4.
Page 28, No.1
The book says 2.5km ❌
The correct distance is 1.7km ✔