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The Ta’limi Board is a small organization in the province of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. We are the educational branch of the Jamiatul Ulama (KZN), based in Madrasah Taaleemuddeen, Isipingo Beach. We operate under the guidance of our principal, Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saahib (daamat barakaatuhu).

The main objective of the Ta’limi Board is to establish and assist Makaatib in any part of the world for the pleasure of Allah. The maktab system according to our elders is actually the backbone of Islam. Our focus is to try and educate and guide the children of the Ummah hoping that they will Insha Allah grow up to become good, righteous and pious Muslims of the Ummah.

The Maktab is targeted at educating our children in the recitation of the Qur-aan Shareef with tajweed as well as teaching them the basic aspects of Deen like Salaah, Zakaat, Haj, etc. Together with educating them, we also try to nurture them by making their tarbiyyah and instilling good morals and ethics within them so that they become firm in Imaan, cherish human values more than material wealth, honour their parents and their elders and are an asset to society in general.

In many communities where NO Maktab education was provided, children grew up without any knowledge of any fundamentals of Islam. They could not fulfill any of the tenets of Deen nor did they have the correct Aqeedah (beliefs).

The Ta’limi Board (KZN), by the grace and mercy of Allah Ta’ala, is trying in its feeble way to make an effort to provide all the necessary material a child will need for his/her maktab education in whichever part of the globe he/she may be via electronic data on the website. Books, worksheets, exam papers and all other necessary documentation for teachers, parents and children are all available on the website.

Some of our activities

  1. Providing syllabus material for makaatib in rural and urban areas.
  2. We are trying to provide the syllabus in as many languages as possible.
  3. We have a bookshop that provides the necessary maktab books to the public at reasonable prices.
  4. We have teacher training centers that train teachers to be able to teach effectively at the makaatib.
  5. We host Imaam Khateeb courses at different centres where pupils are trained to work in the rural areas as an Imaam, Muazzin, Maktab Ustaaz and a Da’ee.
  6. We try and provided water in the rural areas by sinking boreholes where necessary.

These are some of our humble activities.

We request you to make dua that Allah Ta’ala guides us, helps us, accepts and protects us. We also request your special duas for our success in this world and the next.

We would really appreciate any feedback regarding the website as well as the material posted.

Was Salaam

Ta’limi Board (KZN)

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