الرحيم – Ar-Raheem: The Most Merciful

الرحيم – Ar-Raheem: The Most Merciful

الرحيم – Ar-Raheem: The Most Merciful

Repeat …. الرحيم – Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful.” Our Allah Ta’ala is full of mercy.

  • Mummy has mercy for her baby. She won’t leave the baby to cry.
  • The mother cat has mercy for her baby kittens. She won’t leave them to die.
  • Now, if we put all the mercy of all the mothers of this world together, then our Allah’s mercy for us is still so much more.

Imagine it is a boiling hot day and you are standing in the burning hot sun roasting away. Suddenly a huge cloud comes and shades you and then a cool breeze blows and cools you down. How nice don’t you feel? In the same way, sometimes our life goes up side down, we feel bad, we feel sad. But then we remember our Allah again and we turn to Him. Straightaway our Allah’s mercy comes showering down upon us and covers us up and we feel good all over again.

Repeat  à “الرحيم Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful.”

Ask the class, “From today if anyone has to ask you, ‘What do you want to become?’……. What must you say?”  [Listen to all the replies the children give]

Thereafter say to them, “You must say, I want to become a Five Times Namaazi!” Then explain to them that to become a Haafiz is easy, 3 years…….. To become a Moulana is easy 6 years……… But to become a Five Times Namaazi, it will take 50 years, 60 years, 70 years …… depends how long we live.

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