Imaani Muzaakarah

In this Imaani Muzaakarah, the need is to keep on repeating. Repetition will Insha-Allah bring conviction.

Line 1: The first line is, “I will look after Allah’s commands and Allah will look after me and be with me.”

The child has to be convinced that protection lies in Allah’s commands. In Allah’s commands I will find Allah. I cannot afford to move away from Salaah, the Masjid, the Qur’aan and the Maktab in times of difficulty.

Line 2: The second line is, “If I need anything, I will ask Allah Alone, and turn to Allah Alone for help.”

At the time of need and help, I should be turning to and asking Allah. Today we are only turning to the means and asking the creation; completely forgetting our creator, Allah.

Line 3: The third line is, “The whole world cannot help me or hurt me, without the permission of Allah.”

This conviction has to settle deep in the heart, that every condition of benefit or harm, is only with Allah’s permission. Illness does not decide on its own who to go to and how to go. Allah is controlling and deciding.

Line 4: The fourth line is, “What’s not written for me, will never come to me. And what came to me, could never miss me.”

We believe in Taqdeer, Allah’s divine decision, perfect planning, having complete knowledge of everything. When we forget this, we end up questioning and blaming others. A man after adopting all the means, still falls sick, so he asks, “How come I fell sick?” In reality he completely forgot Allah. His question ought to have been, “How come I forgot Allah?”

What is desired from this Imaani Muzaakarah is that when anything happens, our minds and hearts should immediately turn to Allah.

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المالك Al-Malik: The Ruler

المالك Al-Malik: The Ruler

Our beloved Rabb, Allah Ta’ala is the King of all kings and the Ruler over all rulers. Kings, presidents and ministers in this world are all under the rule of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala rules the entire world, what we can see and what we cannot see. Kings and presidents only rule over their little countries and that too, they do not have total control over everyone and everything. They have no control over the fish, birds, ants, animals, etc. Allah Ta’ala rules over the entire creation, the humans, the animals, the birds and the fish. We need to obey Allah Ta’ala alone as He is the ruler in this world and in the hereafter.

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الله – Allah: is the greatest name of our Beloved Creator

“Allah” is the greatest name of our beloved Creator. The name “Allah” is exclusively only for Allah. No one else can have the name “Allah”. The name “Allah” is so easy and light on the tongue, and so relaxing and pleasing to the heart. Let us try to always keep the beautiful name of “Allah” on our tongue and encourage our family and friends to do the same.

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الرحمان – Ar Rahmaan: The Most Compassionate

الرحمان – Ar Rahmaan: The Most Compassionate

Our beloved Creator, Allah Ta’ala is full of kindness and gentleness, full of pity and sympathy. If anything happens to us, if we get hurt or we lose something, then our compassionate merciful Allah Ta’ala is always there for us. All we need to do is turn to Allah Ta’ala, have hope in Allah Ta’ala and don’t ever forget our Allah. With the compassion and mercy of Allah Ta’ala, every difficulty becomes easy.

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اَلْبَارِئُ – Al Baari’ : The Originator

اَلْبَارِئُ – Al Baari’ : The Originator

  • Allah Ta’ala is the one who brings things into existence.
  • Allah Ta’ala alone brings things from non-existence into existence.
  • There was nothing and Allah Ta’ala made everything.
  • We need bricks, windows and doors to make a small house. But Allah Ta’ala does not need anything to make the entire world. Without a drop, Allah Ta’ala made the oceans. Without a leaf, Allah Ta’ala made the trees. Without sand Allah Ta’ala made the mountains.
  • Allah Ta’ala alone brings things from non-existence into existence, with wisdom and perfection.

Dear Ustaaz / Apa

Explain this quality of Allah Ta’ala to the children and make them understand that Allah Ta’ala creates without any raw material

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المصور – Al Musowwir: The Fashioner / Designer

المصور – Al Musowwir: The Fashioner / Designer

Allah Ta’ala alone fashions and shapes everything to perfection and full of beauty. When Allah Ta’ala created us, He created us with perfection. Allah Ta’ala did not give us a long giraffe neck or a small chicken leg or a long elephant nose or sharp crocodile teeth. Allah Ta’ala shaped us perfect and beautiful. No one can change us or improve on us. Allah Ta’ala alone fashions and shapes things as He wishes. Look and admire the creation of Allah Ta’ala and enjoy the beauty and perfection of His creation. This will bring alive in us the recognition and appreciation of our Allah.

Imaani Muzakarah

If I look after Allah’s commands, Allah Ta’ala will look after me and will be with me
If I need anything, I must ask Allah Ta’ala alone and turn to Allah Ta’ala alone for help
The whole world cannot hurt me or help me without the permission of Allah Ta’ala
Allah Ta’ala created me, He owns me, feeds me and takes care of me

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العزيز – ​Al-Azeez​: The Mighty / The Strong

العزيز – ​Al-Azeez​: The Mighty / The Strong

All might and strength belong to Allah Ta’ala alone. Nothing and no one can stand in front of Allah Ta’ala. If Allah Ta’ala wants, in one second He can crush the whole world. We are so small and weak, what will happen to us? Therefore, we should fear and obey ALLAH TA’ALA Who is Most Strong.

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اَلسَّلَامُ – As Salaam: The Giver of Peace

اَلسَّلَامُ – As Salaam: The Giver of Peace

Who gives us peace? Only Allah Ta’ala gives us peace.

Money cannot buy peace. Holidays cannot give us peace. Allah Ta’ala alone gives us peace. A soft bed cannot give us a peaceful sleep. Allah Ta’ala alone gives us a peaceful sleep. When brother and sister fight or mother and father stop speaking to each other, then only Allah Ta’ala can make peace between them. The haraam T.V. and video games cannot bring peace in the home. Music cannot bring peace. Allah Ta’ala alone brings peace in our homes. Turn to Allah Ta’ala alone for peace.

Whenever you are worried and want peace read: يَا سَلَامُ (Ya-Salaamu) in abundance.

One Advice: As Muslims we have to always guard our tongues. No swearing! No teasing! No lying! Every word we speak is written down by the angels. We do not use a toothbrush to shine our shoes and then use the same toothbrush to brush our teeth. In the same way how can we use our tongues for dirty words and then the same tongues to take the pure name of Allah Ta’ala. Let us learn the lesson, “Think before we speak.”

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اَلْقُدُّوْسُ – Al Quddoos: The Most Pure/ Free from all faults

اَلْقُدُّوْسُ – Al Quddoos: The Most Pure: Free from all faults

Who is the most pure? Allah Ta’ala is Most Pure.

Who is free from all faults? Allah Ta’ala is free from all faults.

Sometimes we are good and sometimes we are bad. Our actions are mixed up in good and in bad. Our Allah Ta’ala is completely pure, not mixed up with any bad.

We are very weak. We forget and we make mistakes all the time. We are full of faults. Our Allah Ta’ala is free from all faults. Our Allah Ta’ala never forgets and never makes mistakes.

We must love our Allah Ta’ala who has not a single fault. He is Al-Quddoos, The Most Pure, Free from all faults.

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ُاَلشَّكُوْر Ash Shakoor – Allah Ta’ala is Very Thankful / Very Appreciative

ُاَلشَّكُوْر Ash Shakoor – Allah Ta’ala is Very Thankful / Very Appreciative

Our Allah Ta’ala is the Most Appreciative. He appreciates everything we do for Him. Even if we do a little for Allah Ta’ala, our Kind and Loving Allah Ta’ala appreciates it, becomes happy with us and gives us much, much more.

But when it comes to friends, even if we do everything for them, they do not appreciate what we do for them and are never happy with us. They always want more and more from us. It’s so hard to keep everyone happy, but it is so easy to keep our One Allah Ta’ala happy.

So let us keep on doing only for Allah Ta’ala and spending only for Allah Ta’ala and He will always appreciate whatever we do for Him and in return will always give us much more.

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