RE: Examination Guidelines for Teachers

RE: Examination Guidelines for Teachers

Respected Mu’allim/ah

Alhamdulillah in a few weeks’ time, the examinations will be here Insha Allah. May Allah make it easy for us all. Aameen.

Please take note of the following important guidelines;

  1. Study the syllabus breakdown carefully and complete your syllabus well before the examination date.
  2. Draw up a revision program in all subjects for the pupils so that the necessary work can be revised thoroughly.
  3. Write the exam dates on the board so that children are aware and are prepared for the examinations.
  4. Give the breakdown to each child in writing and explain to them how to revise their work.
  5. Contact the parents of the children in your class and ask them to assist in the revision program.
  6. Have the names of the pupils written down in the mark sheet on both sides prior to the exams. The names should be in the same order on both sides of the marksheet. 
  7. Have the Blue Progress Cards for each pupil filled in and ready for the examiner. Please erase all past year’s comments and symbols.
  8. Encourage the baaligh girls as well as those who are close to buloogh to wear purdah and attend madrasah, especially for the examination. (Better to have a screen and the girls can sit behind the screen when the exams are taken).
  9. Those girls who are in their menses should be indicated with a star (*) on the mark sheet. They should not be embarrassed in front of the entire class. They will be tested in Duas and Hadith.
  10. Ensure that pupils and teachers come early to Madrasah on the day of the exams.
  11.  Conduct a mock exam by asking your principal or co-teacher to examine your class and point out any weak areas.
  12. Make dua for the children in your class as well as for the entire Ummah.

Please take note of the dates for the written exams;

Fiqh:         30 May – Thursday

Aqaaid:    04 June – Tuesday

History:   11 June – Tuesday

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The Kalimah “Laailaha illallah”

Respected Moulana / Muallimah
Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabrkaatuhu
Our beloved Rasul (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has encouraged us to recite “Laailaha illallah” as much as we can in the mubaarak month of Ramadhaan.
This Kalimah is so great that the entire universe exists because of this Kalimah. The day there is no one on earth to recite this Kalimah, the entire universe will be destroyed.
Attached is a form which we can give to the children in our maktabs with a goal of trying to recite this kalimah 70 000 times. 
The method of reciting this kalimah is to read Laailah illallah, Laailah illallah, Laailah illallah and after every 15 or 20 times to complete the kalimah by saying Muhammadur Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Children can use tasbeeh counters to keep count of the number of times the Kalimah is recited.
In this way it is hoped that each child can complete 70 000 recitations of this Kalimah.
May Allah Ta’ala bless us at the time of our maut (death) with the Kalimah on our lips. Aameen.
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Muhtaram Ulama / Mua’llimaat
Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

Please find attached two forms for the children to use in Ramadhaan.

1. Ramadhaan Train — To be used for Grade 1 and 2 to encourage them to fast in Ramadhaan.

2. Salaah, zikr, Taraaweeh and Fasting form — To be used for Grades 3 upwards.

If possible please print out these forms for the children in your class and encourage them to use their time profitably in Ramadhaan and uphold this great pillar of Islam.

The bigger students must also be encouraged to make a khatam of the Qur-aan. Alhamdulillah last year many children in Grade 5, 6 and 7 completed two-three khatams of the entire Qur-aan, Masha Allah.

May Allah bless us all with a wonderful Ramadhaan and make it a means of attaining the special mercy and forgiveness of Allah Ta’ala.

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