Haj of Hadhrat Moulana Siddeeq Ahmed Bandwi (RA)

Haj of Hadhrat Moulana Siddeeq Ahmed Bandwi (RA)

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Hadhrat Moulana Siddeeq Baandwi Saahib (RA) says, “My journey for Haj was very unique. I remember performing haj with just 1 300 Rupees. At that time I did not have sufficient money but had a domesticated ox which I sold to make the necessary arrangements. Thereafter, I commenced my preparations for haj. The news of my going for haj spread like wildfire amongst the people. Many people began preparing to join me hoping that the haj would be performed correctly if they accompanied me. Thus an entire group got ready.

Many of the Madrasah students requested me to please make dua for them on this mubaarak journey. I answered them in the following words, “Is it necessary to even request this? Will a person not make dua for his plantation? Will anyone be unmindful of his plantation?”

Before leaving for Haj, Hadhrat (RA) met all his family members and then left directly for the Masjid. He performed salaah and then began his journey. On his return, before meeting his family and others, he first went to the Masjid and performed salaah. Thereafter, he delivered a short talk and met everyone.

Hadhrat (RA) says, “When we arrived, it was my habit to spend all my time in the Haram Shareef. I would only leave the Haram out of necessity. However, Allah Ta’ala blessed me with the opportunity of making khidmah as one of my companion’s had fallen ill. He had been afflicted with such an illness that he suffered from continuous diarrhoea and there was no one to take care of him. His friends also left him. Allah Ta’ala gave me the taufeeq to make his complete khidmah. I would bring his medicine to him, feed him, clean his mess, wash his napaak impure clothes and after cleaning them would then hang them out to dry. I would cook rice for him and feed him even though I did not know how to cook but somehow I would get it done. It was only for this reason that I would leave the Haram Shareef. Apart from this I would sit and recite Qur’aan Shareef, make Tawaaf, and engage in zikr in the Haram Shareef.

One person who was also on this Haj mentioned, “It was so enlightening to witness the manner in which Hadhrat (RA) made the khidmah of this person. It was only then that we realized the Akhlaaq and spirit of khidmah in him and recognised what a great person Moulana Siddeeq Saahib was.”

Hadhrat (RA) said, “It was my routine to sit daily in the Haram Shareef and remember all those from whom I enjoyed some favour from. Whoever did any Ihsaan (good) to me, I remembered him. I would take each one’s name and make dua for him. I made dua for all my Asaatizah, Mashaaikh, students and the teachers of the Madrasah.”