Kindness in the face of Difficulties

Kindness in the face of Difficulties

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Written by: Shaikhul Hadeeth, Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (RA)

Allah Ta’ala loves it tremendously when help is given to people in times of difficulties.  A Hadith says that Allah Ta’ala shows no mercy to those who do not show mercy to others.  Rasulullah H also said, “He who helps women with their problems, or helps the poor, is like that person who is busy in Jihaad.” The narrator says he thinks that Rasulullah H also said, “Like someone who reads Nafl Salaah the whole night without becoming lazy, and he is like someone who is always fasting without a break in between.”

A Hadith says that whoever removes any problem of a Mu’min in this life, Allah Ta’ala will save him from the problems of the Day of Qiyaamah. Allah Ta’ala will give ease both in this life and in the Aakhirah to that person who removes someone’s difficulties. Whoever hides the faults of a Muslim in this life, Allah Ta’ala will hide his faults both in this life and in the Aakhirah.

A Hadith says, “When someone sees to the need of a Muslim brother, his reward will be like that of a person who spent his whole life in the ibaadat of Allah Ta’ala.” Another Hadith says, “If someone explains the need of a Muslim brother to a person in power, he will be helped to cross the ‘Siraat’ (the bridge over Jahannam) when feet will be slipping.”

According to a Hadith, there are many men whom Allah Ta’ala has created for seeing to people’s needs and helping them in difficulties. Those men shall have no worries on the Day of Qiyaamah and will have nothing to fear. Another Hadith says that whoever helps his brother in difficulties, Allah Ta’ala will keep him firm when even the mountains will not be able to stay firm in their place, i.e. on the Day of Qiyaamah.

One Hadith says, “If someone helps a Muslim by saying a few good words about him, or takes a few steps to help him in any way, Allah Ta’ala gives him seventy-three blessings, one of which will be enough for him for his well-being in this life and in the Aakhirah, while the remaining seventy-two will be used for raising his position and status on the Day of Qiyaamah.”

A Hadith says, “Rahmaan (Allah Ta’ala) shows mercy to those who show mercy to others. Be merciful to those on earth, you will have the mercy of those who are in the Heavens, which includes Allah Ta’ala and the Angels.”

Rasulullah H has said, “Whoever in my Ummah helps someone in need to make him happy, he makes me happy and my happiness makes Allah Ta’ala happy, and when Allah Ta’ala is happy, He gives that person entry into Jannah.”

One Hadith says, “When someone helps a person in his problems, he receives seventy-three levels of forgiveness, one of which is enough to save him from Jahannam. The remaining seventy-two will raise his position in the Aakhirah.”

A Hadith says that the entire creation is Allah’s family and from the people He likes most are those who are good towards His family. The Ulama have explained that just as a man is responsible for looking after his family, so does Allah Ta’ala provide for the whole of His creation. That is why they are called the family of Allah Ta’ala. Muslims and non-Muslims are all equal (in being the family of Allah Ta’ala). Even the animals are included in the family of Allah Ta’ala. Whoever treats the whole creation well, will become the beloved of Allah Ta’ala.

[Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat Page 47]

Presently, in this time of lockdown, a Muslim should portray his best akhlaaq and character by showing extra kindness to one and all, Muslim or Non-Muslim.

The following are some ways of showing kindness;

  1. Providing basic food items for poor neighbours and family members.
  2. Paying full salaries to staff despite them not being able to come to work.
  3. Waiving off rentals from tenets for one month.
  4. Taking extra care of one’s domestic workers during the lock down period.
  5. In these days also if a beggar comes to your door, be kind to him and give him something to eat.
  6. Try to help with feeding schemes etc. in informal settlements near you.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the taufeeq to act with kindness to others and in this way we will insha Allah attract the kindness of Allah Ta’ala upon us.