Rules of the Maktab

Rules of the Maktab

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  2. Attendance and punctuality is of utmost importance as absenteeism and late coming seriously retard the pupil’s progress as lessons cannot be repeated for one child due to limited time.
  3. If due to serious illness or unforeseen circumstances your child does not attend Madrasah, please provide a doctor’s certificate or a signed note written by yourself explaining the cause of absence or you may personally come to the madrasah and explain the circumstances.
  4. Please avoid making any appointments or plan any journeys during Madrasah hours.
  5. Pupils will not be allowed to attend any ceremonies or any other functions or programmes during Madrasah hours.
  6. All sporting activities or extra curricular activities at school should be scheduled for the weekends or after Madrasah hours. Please advise the school authorities of your child’s Madrasah commitments.
  7. In case of an emergency, kindly explain your intentions to the Mu’allim/ah or principal before proceeding.
  8. To encourage attendance a special mark is allocated in the report for attendance and will be added to the final total.
  9. Madrasah commences at pm and terminates at pm
  11. Pupils should always be encouraged to dress Islaamically especially when attending Madrasah.
  12. Boys should wear kurtas and topees.
  13. Jeans and T-shirts will not be allowed.
  14. No wedge or mushroom haircuts will be allowed.
  15. Girls should be modestly dressed with cloaks and burkas.
  16. Girls must not wear jeans and tops under their cloaks or abaayas.
  17. Girls 10 years and older should be encouraged to wear purdah.
  18. Girls will not be allowed to wear any jewellery.


  1. Pupils should behave and show respect to the Mu’allim/ah, supervisor, trustees and any other officials of the Madrasah.
  2. Any form of bad behaviour, disrespect or rudeness will not be tolerated.
  3. Pupils will be disciplined for bad behaviour.
  4. If any un-Islamic or undesirable material is found in the possession of any pupil, it will be confiscated.
  5. No cell phones will be allowed during Madrasah hours.
  6. The principal or supervisor has the right to suspend or expel any pupil who violates any rule of the Madrasah.


  1. Parents should ensure that children revise their Qaidah / Qur’aan and other Madrasah lessons daily.
  2. Any homework given should be completed.
  3. Parents should ensure that their children practically implement their Islamic education and uphold their Islamic identity at home and elsewhere.
  4. Parents should encourage their children to perform their five daily salaah and they should also perform it themselves as an example.
  5. Duas and Sunnats should be practiced on their respective occasions, e.g. upon entering and leaving the toilet, eating, sleeping, etc. Our homes will Insha Allah be enlightened with the noor of the sunnah.
  6. Parents should protect their children from un-Islamic or harmful literature, activities or media.
  7. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Mu’allim/ah, principal or supervisor in matters concerning their children.
  8. Any constructive criticism or suggestions should be addressed to the Talimi Board office.
    Telephone: 031 912 2172.