10 Guidelines for Madrasah Jalsas

10 Guidelines for Madrasah Jalsas

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The purpose and objective of a jalsa is to;
• Please Allah Ta’ala
• Motivate the pupils by allowing them to participate and giving them prizes for outstanding achievements.
• Pass on some message of Deen to the parents and others who will be attending the madrasah jalsa.

Jalsas should not resemble school concerts and fashion shows. Don’t be extravagant in preparing for the jalsa. No money must be spent on stage decor, props, costumes and other wasteful aspects. The jalsa is a platform to give a message of deen. By wasting money on these items a totally wrong message will be given.

Jalsa preparations should not impact on Madrasah times. Jalsa preparations should take place on Friday afternoons for 15 minutes and children should be called on Saturday mornings to prepare for the jalsa. Besides these two times, no other madrasah times must be used for jalsa prep.
Nazams must not have back ground music and resemble the tunes and lyrics of English and Hindi songs. The meanings of the naaths should be checked by some learned aalim that it does not contain any words of shirk or kufr, etc.

Dialogues maybe prepared which have a good message. No plays and dramas to take place in the jalsa.

Be very careful about intermingling of sexes. [preferably have a mothers only jalsa]
Baaligh boys should not be made to participate in the jalsa. They may participate in a jalsa that is especially for fathers.

Prizes given to pupils should be motivating and educational. Carefully select the prizes for the pupils.

Pupils should not be made to go out and collect funds for the jalsas.

The jalsa is not a concert to entertain the pupils and parents. A few days before the jalsa get all the children to also join the asaatiza to make dua that the jalsa should be a means of hidaayat for all.