Advice of Hadhrat Moulana Ali Mia Nadwi (RA) regrading the importance of the maktab

Advice of Hadhrat Moulana Ali Mia Nadwi (RA) regrading the importance of the maktab

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Moulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi’s (rahmatullahi alayh) address to madrasah graduates

“Please forgive me (for saying this). Presently, I am not so convinced regarding the benefits of having Higher-level Arabic Madrasahs (Darul Ulooms) in every small town and village and that every area must have the final year kitaabs and every Madrasah must complete Bukhaari Shareef. There is a greater need now for makaatib (plural of maktab).

As we are sitting here, India is changing very very fast. Everything is being controlled by the government. Presently, it’s the turn of the Muslim universities (to be under their control). Tomorrow it can be the Madrasahs. Thus, it is for this reason that we have to spread out the net of maktabs and make the masjids the centre of a Muslim’s life.

Eventually, it will be in the masjid, where change shall take place. Thus, make such a place your centre where change will reach with a delay, or by the time any change reaches there, Qiyaamat will arrive. Therefore, make the masjids your centres and establish as many maktabs as you can.

You should not at all be distressed that you were once in a (big) madrasah. You studied this (big kitaab) and studied that (big kitaab). You learnt the different sciences and facts (of Deeni knowledge) and now you are here speaking to villagers and you have to teach little children, thus you have now wasted your knowledge. Don’t ever think like this.

Our goal is the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala and the preservation of Islam.”

[paaja suraagh-e-zindagi Page 173/174]