Attendance Mark

Attendance Mark

2023-06-22T06:43:01+00:00June 22nd, 2023|Categories: NOTICE BOARD|

Respected Moulana/Apa

Assalaamu alaykum warhmatullahi wabrakaatuhu

This year many maktabs had different holidays in the first term. Hence, each maktab should count the number of Madrasah days for the first two terms and then work out the attendance mark for the reports using the formula below;


Total Number of Madrasah Days from the beginning of the year up to the end of the second term=98

If Zaid stayed absent for 5 days i.e. he was present for 93 days. Divide the number of days he was present by the total number of Madrasah day’s i.e. 93 days divided by 98 days = 0.948 (round up to 0.95). Now divide 95 in half = 47½. This mark (47½) will be added into the report for the pupil’s attendance.