العليم – Al ‘Aleem: The All Knowing

العليم – Al ‘Aleem: The All Knowing

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العليم – Al ‘Aleem: The All Knowing

Allah alone knows everything. He knows the past, the present and the future. Allah Ta’ala knows all that is in the sky, beneath the earth, in the depths of the deep blue ocean. Allah Ta’ala knows how many leaves on the trees, how many drops of rain fall from the sky and how many grains of sand on the earth. We look in the mirror everyday but we don’t know how many strands of hair on our head. Allah Ta’ala knows how many strands there are, how long each strand is, how many fell off and how many still to grow. Allah Ta’ala knows how heavy the mountains are and how many litres of water in the sea. Allah Ta’ala knows what is in our hearts. At times we smile on the outside, but inside we hate the person we are smiling at. Allah Ta’ala knows our thoughts. At times we are in Salaah but our minds are at home or playing with the friends or eating or drinking.

FOOD: Muslims only eat halaal food, no haraam food. If we eat even one morsel of haraam, for 40 days our duaas are not accepted.

Our meat and chicken must be bought from a Muslim butchery or Muslim supermarket, and not from Spar, Checkers, Shoprite, Pick N Pay etc. since these are not run by Muslims.

Don’t just eat from any place that has a halaal sign. Check up first. If there is a halaal sign on a beer bottle, this does not make it halaal.

Many sticky, jelly sweets have gelatine, pig fat.

Be CAREFUL. Eat only what is Halaal and stay away from Haraam