Practical Exams

Muhtaram Ulama-e-Kiraam / Mu’allimaat

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

Just a small reminder

When preparing the children for the practical exams, please put emphasis on the pupils learning the masnoon duas correctly for wudhu, salaah, eating, drinking, wearing clothes, etc. These duas will also be tested when taking the practical and Sunnats exams.

Also please put emphasis on the children to learn the salaah chart. Children must know the full breakdown of the number of rakaats for each Salaah.


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The First Week of Madrasah

Respected Moulana / Apa

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

Al-hamdulillah, today is our first day of Madrasah after the long holidays.

May Allah accept our coming to Madrasah and make it a means of earning His special pleasure. Aameen.

Please take note of the following guidelines;

  1. Give the children a small talk on the virtues of coming to Madrasah daily and how important Madrasah is for them as Muslims.
    Read out to them the guidelines for pupils. [This is found in the pupil’s diary]
  2. Study the half yearly exam marksheet and see if there are any weaknesses and how it can be improved on in this term.
  3. Plan the rest of the year in such a way that all remaining work in all subjects can be completed before the end of the term. Reserve the last term for revision and exams.
  4. Commence with sabak of Qur-aan / Qaidah on the first day of Madrasah.
  5. Do a full revision program of Surahs and Duas for the entire week and then commence with new sabaks.
  6. Commence with revision of Practicals and Sunnats. This term exams will be conducted in these two subjects. [Dates will be given by the Supervisor].

May Allah Ta’ala accept our broken efforts and shower us with His special blessings. Aameen.

Was Salaam

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Attendance Mark

Respected Moulana/Apa

Assalaamu alaykum warhmatullahi wabrakaatuhu

This year many maktabs had different holidays in the first term. Hence, each maktab should count the number of Madrasah days for the first two terms and then work out the attendance mark for the reports using the formula below;


Total Number of Madrasah Days from the beginning of the year up to the end of the second term=98

If Zaid stayed absent for 5 days i.e. he was present for 93 days. Divide the number of days he was present by the total number of Madrasah day’s i.e. 93 days divided by 98 days = 0.948 (round up to 0.95). Now divide 95 in half = 47½. This mark (47½) will be added into the report for the pupil’s attendance.


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Interesting report of an Apa who conducts classes for adult females in Glencoe

Muhtaram Ulama / Mua’llimaat

Please see attached a report written by an Apa who conducts Adult Classes for females in Glencoe.

1. These classes are very encouraging. Similar programs can also be held in every small and big town.
2. The manner in which the nikahs of these ladies were performed is also very encouraging. Unfortunately, many women are living like this without making nikah. This will also help to bring some level of Hayaa in the Ummah.

We hope that this report will be an inspiration for others to also start off similar programs in their localities.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us all the taufeeq and accept whatever good work is being done in the Ummah.

>>>Interesting report of an Apa who conducts classes for adult females in Glencoe<<<

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Textbook Correction – History Book 4

Respected Ulama / Mu’allimaat

Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu

On page 5 of the Ta’limi Board (KZN) History Book 4 (8th edition) there is an error.

The error reads as follows;
1. The Muslims and Jews will respect one another’s religion. [Error]

Please change it to;
1. The Jews will be allowed to remain on their religion.

We appreciate those who brought this error to our attention and we humbly request one and all to kindly correct us in the future if they find any errors in our books.


Humbly request your duas

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