Imaani Muzaakarah

العليم – Al ‘Aleem: The All Knowing


العليم – Al ‘Aleem: The All Knowing

Allah alone knows everything. He knows the past, the present and the future. Allah Ta’ala knows all that is in the sky, beneath the earth, in the depths of the deep blue ocean. Allah Ta’ala knows how many leaves on the trees, how many drops of rain fall from the sky and how many grains of sand on the earth. We look in the mirror everyday but we don’t know how many strands of hair on our head. Allah Ta’ala knows how many strands there are, how long each strand is, how many fell off and how many still to grow. Allah Ta’ala knows how heavy the mountains are and how many litres of water in the sea. Allah Ta’ala knows what is in our hearts. At times we smile on the outside, but inside we hate the person we are smiling at. Allah Ta’ala knows our thoughts. At times we are in Salaah but our minds are at home or playing with the friends or eating or drinking.

FOOD: Muslims only eat halaal food, no haraam food. If we eat even one morsel of haraam, for 40 days our duaas are not accepted.

Our meat and chicken must be bought from a Muslim butchery or Muslim supermarket, and not from Spar, Checkers, Shoprite, Pick N Pay etc. since these are not run by Muslims.

Don’t just eat from any place that has a halaal sign. Check up first. If there is a halaal sign on a beer bottle, this does not make it halaal.

Many sticky, jelly sweets have gelatine, pig fat.

Be CAREFUL. Eat only what is Halaal and stay away from Haraam

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البصير – Al Baseer:The All Seeing


البصير – Al Baseer:The All Seeing

Our Imaani Muzaakarh for this term is Al-Baseer. (Allah is All Seeing)

Ask the pupils, “Who can see us all the time?” Their answer must be “Allah Ta’ala”.

Say to them, “We are very weak. If we look in front of us, we cannot see what is behind us, and if someone puts a sheet of paper before our eyes, then we will not be able to see what is in front as well. Our Allah Ta’ala sees everything. Nothing can hide from Allah Ta’ala, even if we are inside our home, inside our room, under our bed, under our blanket, Allah Ta’ala is watching us all the time.”

We in South Africa cannot see with our eyes what is happening in Malawi. Allah Ta’ala can see all the countries and cities of the world at one time. We cannot see in the dark, we need light. Our Allah Ta’ala can see the small black ant under the big black rock in a pitch black night with no need for any light. We get tired. Our eyes close and we sleep. If we try to stay awake, then we will start catching fish, our eyes will keep on closing and our heads will keep on falling. Our Allah Ta’ala is always watching us. Our Allah Ta’ala never gets tired and never ever sleeps. Before we do anything or before we go anywhere we must remind our self that our Allah Ta’ala is always watching us.

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السميع – As Samee’: The All Hearing


السميع – As Samee‘: The All Hearing

Ask the class, who can hear all the things all the time?…..Allah Ta’ala!

We can listen to only 1 person at a time. If two people speak to us at one time, we’ll listen ½ ½ and if 3 or more people speak to us at one time, its noise, we can’t understand them. But our beloved Allah Ta’ala can listen and understand billions of humans all at one time.

We understand English, maybe some understand Afrikaans, Zulu, Urdu, Arabic, Gujraati but our Allah Ta’ala understands all the languages of the world; Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Swahili, Bangali.

We understand only the humans. But our Allah Ta’ala understands the animals as well; the monkeys and donkeys, birds and snakes, bulls and lions.

We can hear near, not far. For e.g. we can hear what’s happening in the madrasah if we are in the madrasah. We can’t sit at home and say we’ll listen from there. But for Allah Ta’ala near and far is all the same.

For us to hear something loud is easy and something soft is difficult. But for Allah Ta’ala loud and soft is all the same. Allah Ta’ala can even hear us when we whisper.

Therefore, make a strong intention, no more lying, swearing, backbiting, carrying tales because our Allah Ta’ala is hearing us all the time.

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الخالق – Al Khaaliq: The Creator


الخالق – Al Khaaliq: The Creator

Allah Ta’ala created the animals on the land, the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky. Everything that we can see and even that which we cannot see is created by Allah Ta’ala.

A tailor cannot sew a cloak or a kurta with the lights switched off. A shoe maker cannot make a shoe inside a shoe box. But our Allah Ta’ala created us inside our Mummy, full of darkness, no light, no space.

For us to make a small house is easy, but to make a big city is difficult. For Allah Ta’ala to create a small ant is easy and to create a big elephant is also easy.

Allah Ta’ala created the day so we can work and the night so we can sleep.

Allah Ta’ala created trees to give us fruit, bees to give us honey, cows to give us milk, sheep to give us meat, fowls to give us eggs, Allah Ta’ala created everything to work for us and Allah Ta’ala created us to work for Him, to worship Him.

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الغفار – Al Ghaffaar: The Most Forgiving


الغفار The Most Forgiving

Our Allah Ta’ala is full of forgiveness. We get tired sinning but our Allah Ta’ala doesn’t get tired of forgiving us. Imagine you are playing outside in the rain and you slipped and fell in some mud. Your face, hands and clothes are full of mud, and you are feeling all muddy and dirty. But then your mummy comes and picks you up, washes you, cleans you and puts on clean clothes for you, now you feel all clean and nice again. So do not forget! How mud makes us dirty on the outside, sins makes us dirty on the inside. Sins make our heart dark and dirty. Every time we sin, a black spot comes on our heart. If we don’t turn to Allah Ta’ala in forgiveness, our whole heart becomes covered in black. Then we become lazy to do good deeds like performing salaah, reading Qur-aan, we don’t want to listen to our parents, we only want to do bad deeds. Therefore, every day we must turn to Allah Ta’ala and ask Him for forgiveness saying “ASTAGH–FIRULLAAH”  (O Allah please forgive me) Insha Allah  Allah Ta’ala will clean us and forgive us for ever.


For the Teacher:

Ask the class, “How many of you use the low pan toilet?” Tell them that it’s the best, cleanest and most natural way of relieving oneself. It’s the Sunnah way. When you squat and sit down to relieve yourself nothing gets stuck in your tummy. The high pan is called “One for you, one for me!” Every time you drop, you get splashed with No.1. If we are forced to use it, then first put toilet paper over the water to save your self from the splashes. There’s very big punishment in the grave if we are not careful. We must learn how to use the low pan toilet. The secret in using this toilet is not to lower the pants below the knees, rather it must stop half way between the waist and knee. Let us try and bring alive this great sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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الرحيم – Ar-Raheem: The Most Merciful


الرحيم – Ar-Raheem: The Most Merciful

Repeat …. الرحيم – Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful.” Our Allah Ta’ala is full of mercy.

  • Mummy has mercy for her baby. She won’t leave the baby to cry.
  • The mother cat has mercy for her baby kittens. She won’t leave them to die.
  • Now, if we put all the mercy of all the mothers of this world together, then our Allah’s mercy for us is still so much more.

Imagine it is a boiling hot day and you are standing in the burning hot sun roasting away. Suddenly a huge cloud comes and shades you and then a cool breeze blows and cools you down. How nice don’t you feel? In the same way, sometimes our life goes up side down, we feel bad, we feel sad. But then we remember our Allah again and we turn to Him. Straightaway our Allah’s mercy comes showering down upon us and covers us up and we feel good all over again.

Repeat  à “الرحيم Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful.”

Ask the class, “From today if anyone has to ask you, ‘What do you want to become?’……. What must you say?”  [Listen to all the replies the children give]

Thereafter say to them, “You must say, I want to become a Five Times Namaazi!” Then explain to them that to become a Haafiz is easy, 3 years…….. To become a Moulana is easy 6 years……… But to become a Five Times Namaazi, it will take 50 years, 60 years, 70 years …… depends how long we live.

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القوي – Al Qawi: The All Powerful


القوي Al Qawi – The All Powerful

All power and strength belongs to Allah Ta’ala alone. Allah Ta’ala has the power to do anything at any time. No army, no police force, no fighter jet can ever stop Allah Ta’ala. All cartoon characters and movie actors are fake and imitation. They are not real and are all made up. They cannot do anything. Allah Ta’ala alone is full of power and might.

All children please repeat: Allah Ta’ala is Qawi. Allah Ta’ala is all Powerful.

Story:  There was a magician showing people how he could take out the head of a person and then put it back, bringing the dead back to life. The people watching were all surprised and praised him for giving life to a dead person. Hadhrat Jundub (radi Allahu anhu), a Sahaabi happened to be there. He took out his sword and killed the magician immediately, saying, “If he can give life to the dead, he can give life to himself as well.”

It was necessary to kill the magician to save the people’s Imaan.  The people may believe that he has the power to give life to the dead which is not true.

Today also, there are many magicians having magic shows.

Most of them work with Jinnaat and Shaytaan.

They do dirty things to make shaytaan happy and he in turn helps them to do black magic.

We must not get carried away and feel that magicians have special powers.

It is Haraam to do black magic.

We must read Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, and Aayatul Kursi everyday for our protection.

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الودود- Al Wadood: Allah Ta’ala is most Loving


الودود – Al Wadood: Allah Ta’ala is most Loving

Make the class repeat a few times, “I love Allah; Allah loves me.” Then explain to them, “our mummy loves us, but our Allah loves us more. Our mummy does not hurt us, and our Allah will never ever hurt us. Sometimes mummy hits us to correct us. In the same way whatever happens in our life, is because Allah loves us and wants us to become better servants.” Make them repeat again “I love Allah; Allah loves me.”

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