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Once again we have come to the end of our Madrasah year and everyone is awaiting the holidays. Children and parents look forward for these holidays to have a break from the busy lifestyles.

Whilst it is permitted in Islam to relax the mind and body, a Muslim shouldn’t become consumed by the holidays and forget Allah Ta’ala. Some people live for the holidays. They work the whole year just to have a holiday at the end of the year. For a Muslim, we understand that this life in the world is only temporary. We live for the hereafter. Our real holiday will be when we will enter into Jannah, Insha Allah.

When the holiday period comes, shaytaan and his agents work very hard to mislead the Muslims and take them away from Allah Ta’ala. Be very careful during this period not to fall into the trap of shaytaan and become unmindful of Allah Ta’ala.

The following are some important aspects to keep in mind during the holiday period:

A Muslim’s identity:

During the holiday period, many people remove their Islamic clothing and copy the dressing of the disbelievers. Ensure that we are all dressed like Muslims. Girls should wear loose clothing and keep their heads covered and boys must keep their pants above their ankles with their topees on their heads. Don’t feel shy to be a Muslim and dress like a Muslim. Remember that you are the Ummati of Nabi Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam). Don’t let our Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) down.

Be punctual with salaah:

Don’t miss out your salaah. We generally become lazy and end up missing many salaah, especially the Fajr Salaah. A Muslim must never miss out even one salaah.

Qur-aan and Zikr:

Daily make a point of reading some Qur-aan Shareef and some zikr. This will bring noor and barkat in our life.

Immodest and Shameless Behaviour:

Shamelessness and immodesty during the December period is the order of the day. People dress immodestly and parade the beaches and shopping malls. Try your best to avoid such places as the curse of Allah Ta’ala descends on such places. If you have to be in a public place, guard yourself from anything wrong. Always keep your gaze lowered.

Be alert and conscious about eating Halaal:

There are many restaurants nowadays that claim to be halaal. Don’t be fooled by some Arabic sign you see on the outside of a restaurant. Be sure of the halaal status of what you eat.