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Please take note of the upcoming Muzaakarah Workshop for all Talimi Board KZN maktab teachers.

Date: 13 October, Saturday

Time: 9:15am

Venue: Westville Juma Musjid – 46 Meerut Rd, Westville, Durban





A Maktab Apa’s Passion to Teach Deen

Bismihi Ta’ala

In this day and age, teaching little children in a primary makatb is not amongst the easiest of tasks. Teachers are faced with major challenges in the classroom. Often the Apa goes back home at the end of the day tired and dejected. The question that keeps on ringing in her mind is, “Are we winning?”

Each day brings about new challenges for the maktab Apa. The children in her classroom are so different. Some are from broken homes, others from mixed marriages and yet some from foreign backgrounds who don’t even understand our language. Then, we are faced with the challenge of technology. Children are addicted to the X-Box, smart phone, T.V. games, and the list goes on. Their attention span is so low that it lasts for a maximum of five minutes for the day. At times, whilst taking a child’s sabak, you may find him suddenly taking his kitaab, using it as a steering wheel and speeding off as if he […]

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The Maktab

The Lifeblood of the Community………… It is an indisputable fact that the Ummah is currently passing through a phase of Jaahiliyyah (ignorance). The global onslaught upon the Ummah is on many fronts. However, the most dangerous and unfortunately the most effective is the silent battle that is waged on the hearts […]

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The First Ten Days of Zul Hijjah

By the break of the day. By the ten nights [S:89 V:1-2]

The Mufassireen (commentators of the Qur-aan-e-Kareem) are of the opinion that the ten nights upon which Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath in this Surah refer to the first ten days of Zul Hijjah. These ten days, […]

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Imaani Muzaakarah for this Term

المصور – Al Musowwir: The Fashioner / Designer

المصور – Al Musowwir: The Fashioner / Designer

Allah Ta’ala alone fashions and shapes everything to perfection and full of beauty. When Allah Ta’ala created us, He created us with perfection. Allah Ta’ala did not give us a long giraffe neck or a small chicken leg or a long elephant nose or sharp crocodile teeth. Allah Ta’ala shaped us perfect and beautiful. No one can change us or improve on us. Allah Ta’ala alone fashions and shapes things as He wishes. Look and admire the creation of Allah Ta’ala and enjoy the beauty and perfection of His creation. This will bring alive in us the recognition and appreciation of our Allah.

Imaani Muzakarah

If I look after Allah’s commands, Allah Ta’ala will look after me and will be with me
If I need anything, I must ask Allah Ta’ala alone and turn to Allah Ta’ala alone for help
The whole world cannot hurt me or help me without the permission of Allah Ta’ala
Allah Ta’ala created me, He owns me, feeds me and takes care of me

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