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Acts of Kindness

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has said, “Do not think any act of kindness to be too small and do not delay in doing it, even if it is.....


اَلْقُدُّوْسُ - The Most Pure/ Free from all faults

Who is the most pure? Allah Ta’ala is Most Pure.

Who is free from all faults? Allah Ta’ala is free from all faults.

Sometimes we are good and sometimes we are bad. Our actions are mixed up in good and in bad. Our Allah Ta’ala is completely pure, not mixed up with any bad.

We are very weak. We forget and we make mistakes all the time. We are full of faults. Our Allah Ta’ala is free from all faults. Our Allah Ta’ala never forgets and never makes mistakes.

Ash Shakoor - Allah Ta'ala is Very Thankful / Very Appreciative

Our Allah Ta’ala is the Most Appreciative. He appreciates everything we do for Him. Even if we do a little for Allah Ta’ala, our Kind and Loving Allah Ta’ala appreciates it, becomes happy with us and gives us much, much more. 

But when it comes to friends, even if we do everything for them, they do not appreciate what we do for them and are never happy with us. They always want more and more from us. It’s so hard to keep everyone happy, but it is so easy to keep our One Allah Ta’ala happy. 

Ponder: 9 - Most People don’t Appreciate


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