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Allah Ta'ala Appreciates

"Why don't they ponder over the Qur-aan?"

This is the complaint of Allah Ta'ala in the Holy Qur-aan to mankind. 

The Qur-aan-e-Kareem has very deep meaning and in every verse of the Qur-aan is a unique message from Allah Ta'ala to His beloved creation. It is necessary for us to ponder over these messages and reflect on them.

Attached is a short aayaat of the Qur-aan with its translation. This could be pinned up on the masjid board for people to read, memorize and reflect. 

Rule No:14 - Mashwarah (consulting) in a Muslim Home

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam, despite his vast knowledge and wisdom, was instructed by Allah Ta’ala to consult with his noble Sahaabah (Radiyallahu anhum) (companions) and make mashwarah with them regarding to important issues as is indicated in the above aayah.

If Nabi B, the best of all mankind and the pride of the creation of Allah Ta’ala, was commanded to  consult with others, how much more important is it for us to also consult with each other in our day to day issues.

A Mu'allim/ah's Dua

A Muallim/ah’s Dua

O Allah the wise, the bestower of wisdom

Help me to remember that I work with the most precious

of all your creation, an innocent child.

Help me always to remember that I am leaving my mark on him,

which time will not erase.


Rules of the Maktab


  1. Attendance and punctuality is of utmost importance as absenteeism and late coming seriously retard the pupil’s progress as lessons cannot be repeated for one child due to limited time.



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