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End of the Year Jalsa

1. The purpose and object of a jalsa is to;

  • Please Allah Ta’ala
  • Motivate the pupils by allowing them to participate and giving them prizes for outstanding achievements.
  • Pass on some message of Deen to the parents and others who will be attending the madrasah jalsa.

2. Preferably have the jalsa in the third term as having the jalsa in the fourth term affects the preparation of the final exams. Pupils start focussing more on jalsa items than on the final exams. On the last day of the fourth term, an in house prize giving jalsa maybe conducted.



Objectives of conducting Imtihaan
  • To assess the standard of ta’leem (deeni education) at the Makaatib.
  • To assess the standard of TEACHING of the Mua’llimeen in various subjects of the Curriculum offered.
  • To assess students’ performance in the subjects taught, both, practical as well as theoretical. 

Suddenly the Sky got Dark ...

Story & lessons for this term. An old man and two boys were fishing from a boat. The two boys got bored so they decided to make fun of the old man. They asked him, “Do you know anything about science?” He replied “No!” They asked him, “Did you study Maths?” He replied, “No!” They asked him, “Do you know how to read and write?” He said, “No!” They laughed at him but he remained silent. Suddenly the sky got dark and a big storm started. The boat rocked from side to side. The two boys got frightened, held each other and cried.


Al Maktab Newsletter - Qurbani 1435

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