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The First Ten Days of Zul Hijjah

By the break of the day. By the ten nights [S:89 V:1-2]

The Mufassireen (commentators of the Qur-aan-e-Kareem) are of the opinion that the ten nights upon which Allah Ta’ala has taken an oath in this Surah refer to the first ten days of Zul Hijjah. These ten days, after the month of Ramadhaan, are regarded to be amongst the most significant days in the Islamic calendar. The following Ahaadith of Rasulullah Salallahu Alayhi wa Sallam clearly explain the great significance these ten days hold in Islam.

Clipping of Nails and Trimming of Hair

ُHadhrat Umme Salamah radiyallahu anha reports that Rasulullah Salallahu Alayhi wa Sallam said: “When the ten days [of Zul Hijjah] commence and any of you intend to make Qurbaani then he should not remove his hair or trim his nails.” [Muslim: # 1977]

Any person performing Qurbaani should refrain from clipping his nails and trimming his hair until he has completed his Qurbaani. Hence, before the crescent of Zul Hijjah is sighted, a person should […]

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Imaani Muzaakarah

الرزاق – Ar Razzaaiq: The Provider

الرزاق – Ar Razzaaiq: The Provider

Who feed us? Who feeds our parents? Who feeds the fish in the sea? Who feeds the birds in the sky? Who feeds the ants in the ground?

The fish are swimming and Allah Ta’ala is feeding them. They don’t go to school and university. Allah ta’ala does not need schools and universities. The grade 12 metric certificate and the university degree does not give us food. Allah Ta’ala alone feeds us. The birds are flying in the sky. They don’t have shops and jobs. Allah Ta’ala feeds them. Shops and jobs can’t feed us. Allah Ta’ala alone feeds us. Allah Ta’ala knows how many potatoes we are going to eat and how much milk we are going to drink. No one can change it. Whatever we need, we should ask Allah Alone. Only Allah Ta’ala can provide us with our needs.

April 19th, 2017|
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Objectives of a Maktab

  1. To teach the correct Aqeedah (Beliefs of a Muslim).
  2. To teach the recitation of the Qur’aan Shareef with tajweed .
  3. To practically teach the manner of wudhu, ghusal, salaah, and other ibaadaat.
  4. To teach good manners and good character.
  5. To instil the love of Allah Ta’ala, Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam , and the Sunnah in the hearts of the students.

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