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A Gift of Ramadhaan

Most Respected Brothers

  • Our thinking must always be Islamic. It is with such thoughts that our lives will become Islamic. We will be saved from the mindset of others.

  • Value your time and use it profitably. Taking care of one’s time is the crux of Tasawuf.

  • Live a life of shukar (appreciation). With shukar, a person will be able to value the favours of Allah Ta’ala and will result in an increase in favours. You will pass your life in peace. Being ungrateful results in one’s peace being snatched away.

  • We must always keep good company. The honey bee is always found in beautiful gardens and beautiful flowers. In this way it works hard and is able to benefit others with the honey. Flies are always found in najaasat (filth) and are harmful to others. We should imitate the honey bee and keep in the company of the pious and be a means of benefit to others.

  • We must always be concerned of ourselves. It is necessary to worry about one’s own reformation. Divide your time in the day and draw up a program for yourself. Thereafter be punctual upon it.

  • Try to be the first one to practice on any good action and be the first one to stay away from any evil action. You will find great good in your own life and will also be able to benefit others.

  • We must try and bring simplicity and contentment into our lives. We will find success wherever we go.

After having engaged oneself in the month of Ramadhaan if the thought comes to mind that “what did I benefit,” then do not pay any attention to such thoughts. Ask for forgiveness and for taufeeq to do good.

  • Make an effort to be punctual on your mamoolaat throughout the year. If you make a concerted effort to be punctual on your mamoolaat together with your other occupations, you will definitely find the time to complete it. Also try to get into the habit of going to the musjid immediately when the adhaan is called. Insha Allah you will be able to complete all your mamoolaat in this way. Time is like a rubber band. When you stretch it, it will expand. When you leave it, it will contract. Likewise you will have to push your work aside and fit your mamoolaat and responsibilities.

  • Everyone desires to be happy. Happiness is only attained by following the Islamic way of life. In order to attain this happiness, make salaam with one another. Give gifts to one another and eat together. Assist others in their work. Have love for one another only for the sake of Allah Ta’ala. Our Akaabir had love for one another only for the sake of Allah Ta’ala without any other ulterior motive.

  • The basis of anger is pride and pride is the root of all evil. Treat every person according to his level. Don’t get angry with anyone. You will find great peace in this.

  • Don’t ever allow doubts to creep into the mind regarding anything. Entertaining doubts is a major calamity. One is only harmed by this and nothing is achieved. The cure for this is that we should do everything according to the sunnah. Insha Allah our actions will be accepted and we will attain peace and tranquillity.

  • Ponder over the filth of sin. In this manner you will begin to hate sin. Be Allah conscious and have fear of Allah.

  • Eid is for that person who earned his maghfirat by doing good deeds in the month of Ramadhaan and used ones time correctly and earned the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. If not, he will become the target of the warnings gainst him sounded in the Ahaadith of Rasoolullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

  • Staying here in this mubaaruk month is a deeni Ijtima. It is now our responsibility to convey whatever we have learnt here to our families, relatives and friends. We must also continuously make dua for them that they have allowed us and freed us of responsibilities to come and make I’tikaaf here in the month of Ramadhaan. Also continue making dua for the whole ummah.


Special Advice

Hadhrat Sheikhul Hadith, Moulana Zakariyya (RA) used to advice his associates at the end of Ramadhaan as follows:

  1. Be punctual on your mamoolaat as this is the stairway to progress. Missing out one day destroys the barakah and effort that you may have attained after many days.

  2. Stay in the company of the pious and refrain from sitting with those who are irreligious.

  3. Refrain from committing sin. Especially refrain from bad nazri (lustful gazes) as this is a fatal poison.

Hadhrat Moulana Ibraheem Pandor Saahib (db)
Khalifah of Hadhrat Sheikhul Hadeeth, Hadhrat Moulana Zakariyya Khaandelwi (RA) and the successor of Hadhrat Mufti Mahmood Hasan Saahib Gangohi (RA), Jaamiah Islaamiyah, Banaaras.

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