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Advices of Hadhrat Moulana Abdul Haq Makada (Daamat Barakatahum)

Ta’limi board KZN Muzaakarah (Workshop) on 20th January 2009

  • Check your intentions - Why and for whom am I teaching? Make the pleasure of Allah your objective. Allah has chosen you for this great and noble profession so teach for Him alone.
  • Appreciate the great favour of Allah upon you for accepting you for this great and noble profession.
  • If we really know and understand our position, we will appreciate every moment that we spend whilst teaching. Your status is very high in the creation as the entire creation makes dua for you.
  • Dedicate yourself and fulfil your duties to the best of your ability with your focus only towards Allah and he will make your task easy for you.
  • Your students will behave in the manner you behave - They will imitate your every action - Be careful of your actions and conduct in front of them. Set an excellent example of yourself for your pupils in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.
  • Inculcate good qualities and good character in yourself as this will rub off on to your students.
  • Punctuality - Always try to be in the classroom before time not only on time.
  • Preparation of lessons is of utmost importance. Don’t come to class unprepared.
  • Remember you are preparing your students for the life of Aakhirah.
  • Treat your pupils as a guest sent to you by Allah - Fulfil their rights as you will fulfil the rights of your Guests.
  • Appreciate the pupils under your care, take care of them and keep them happy.
  • Pay special attention to the weaker pupils and make them your challenge.
  • Allah Ta’ala has created all human beings differently and students come from different backgrounds so treat everyone accordingly.
  • Make your pupil closer to you than his own parents.
  • Control your anger at all times and do not vent your own frustrations on any pupil at any time.
  • Do not abuse or oppress any pupil as you will be answerable to Allah.
  • Tolerate your pupil’s misdemeanour's.
  • Our duty is to make sure that every pupil progresses.
  • Create love for the Quraan and love for Islam in every pupil’s heart.
  • Do not become the cause of deviation for any pupil as you will be held responsible.
  • The amount of Pupils you teach will not determine your success but rather the intention with which you teach. Keep Allah I in front of you all the time.
  • Dress simply and live simply.
  • Be conscious of your time as breach of time will be a source of Haraam sustenance.
  • No favouritism must be shown to any pupil always be fair and equal as pupils are very sensitive and we will be answerable for this.
  • Fear Allah and observe Taqwa.
  • Continuously make Tauba and beg Allah for His forgiveness.

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