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Story No. 35 in Fazaaile Durood

Abu Hafs Samarqandi (RA) writes in Rawnaqul-Majālis that there was once a wealthy tradesman in Balkh. He passed away and left behind two sons. His wealth was distributed equally between his sons. However, his inheritance also included three blessed hairs of the Rasulullah b. Each brother took one hair. Regarding the third hair, the elder brother said that it should be halved too. The younger brother said, “Never, by Allah! The blessed hair of Rasulullah b will never be cut.”  The elder brother said, “Are you pleased to give all your wealth to me in exchange for the three hairs?” The younger brother readily accepted the offer. Thus, the elder brother took all the wealth and the younger brother took the three blessed hairs. He would keep these three blessed hairs in his pocket and every so often, look at them and recite durood upon Rasulullah b. Only a short period elapsed that the elder brother lost all his wealth and the younger brother became very affluent. When this younger brother passed away, one of the pious saints saw Rasulullah b  in his dream saying, “Whoever is in need from amongst you should sit at the grave of this person and make dua to Allah.”   (Al-Qawl alBadī¬) 

This story has been mentioned briefly in Nuzhat al-Majālis as well. Therein, it is also mentioned that the elder brother who took all the wealth became poor. He saw Rasulullah b in a dream and complained to him of his poverty. Rasulullah b said, “O deprived one! You were indifferent to my hairs and your brother has now taken them.  Whenever he gazes upon them, he recites durood upon me. Allah Ta’ala has granted him prosperity in this life and the Hereafter.” When he woke up, he went and became a servant of his younger brother. 

[Fazaaile Durood Page 167 – Story No. 35]


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