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Punctuality - The key feature of a teacher (continues....)

Furthermore, we, as teachers, are paid by our committees for the time we spend teaching. Remember that no amount of wealth can repay a teacher for his knowledge. In reality we are being paid for our time. How important then is it for a teacher to fulfil the proper time requirement? If a teacher is regularly late for classes, then what is he being paid for? Will that wealth which we are accepting at the end of the month be lawful for us or not? The Fuqaaha (Jurists) have mentioned in their books that if you have a bucket of pure clean water and a few drops of urine fall into that bucket, the little urine will contaminate the entire water. Similarly, the few minutes that we come late to class will contaminate our entire salary.

Our Akaabir (elders) were very particular in this regard. They would ensure that they would record the number of minutes they were late during the month and return that amount of salary to the madrasah, thus securing the barkat (blessings) in their earnings.

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