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What is Islam?


People all over the world are looking for guidance and direction, peace of mind and contentment of the heart. The answer to man’s confusion is Islam.

Islam is a way of life which was brought into this world by Allah (God), via the last messenger, Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him].

Thus a Muslim is one who accepts the faith and practices that way of life. Those who are ignorant of the teachings of Islam, or do not act upon them, are not real Muslims.

There are two things necessary for anyone to be a true Muslim. Firstly, to learn the proper knowledge and teachings of Islam. Secondly, to believe in these teachings and thirdly to live accordingly.

May Allah, The Almighty, grant us the ability to learn Islam, practice Islam and to pass it onto others, with all sincerity.

We hope this booklet will serve as a brief introduction to Islam and its beautiful teachings. We pray that it leads to a greater desire to learn, practice and teach Islam.

This book may be an ideal gift to a person who is not a Muslim and is interested in knowing more about Islam and its principles.

Published by: Ta'limi Board KZN

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