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Ikhlaas (sincerity)

Allah Ta’ala says in the Qur’aan:

You have been commanded to worship Allah Ta’ala with sincerity.

It is mentioned in a Hadith:

 “The one who learns the knowledge of Deen through which he could earn the pleasure of Allah, but instead he learns it only so that he can gain the pleasures of the world then such a person will not even smell the fragrance of Jannat.(Abu Dawood, Ibnu Majah)

Hadith regarding second of the three people who will be thrown into Jahannum:

"The next person to be reckoned with will be an Alim (religious scholar). He will be reminded of all the Divine favours and bounties bestowed on him and questioned what the virtues were that he had done to show gratitude for it. His reply will be, "I acquired knowledge and taught knowledge to people and read the Qur’an, seeking your (Allah Ta’ala’s) pleasure." Allah Ta’ala’s verdict and order will be, "All of it is a lie; you did all that to be called a great Alim and Qaari by the people (which has been done)"." (Fadhaail-e-Sadaqaat, Page 140)

From the above quotations we understand that one should do the work of Deen solely for the sake of Allah I, and if possible without any remuneration. If not, then at least be content with whatever one earns. With contentment comes the blessings and assistance of Allah I. Hence, one should continue with work having total confidence in and reliance on Allah I, having this conviction that The Being for whom I am striving is all aware of my condition and He will sustain me through unseen means.

Nevertheless, nowadays, if people get engaged in the learning and teaching of Deen without taking a salary or any other remuneration, then they will never serve Deen as they ought to. This is because the salary they receive is, in most instances, the only form of income for them. Therefore, there is no harm in taking a salary or some form of remuneration. However, this must not become the purpose of ta’leem learning and teaching (as has been mentioned above).

Unfortunately, currently we only find a handful of individuals who are serving Deen solely for the sake of Deen itself. This can be understood from the fact that when a person spends some time in one place “serving Deen” and no sooner does he receive an offer from another place offering a higher salary, he moves to the second place, even though there is great loss to the place that he has left and no extra Deeni work can be done at the place that he is going to.

May Allah I grant us all the understanding and complete Ikhlaas. Aameen.

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