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Suddenly the Sky got Dark ...

Story & lessons for this term. An old man and two boys were fishing from a boat. The two boys got bored so they decided to make fun of the old man. They asked him, “Do you know anything about science?” He replied “No!” They asked him, “Did you study Maths?” He replied, “No!” They asked him, “Do you know how to read and write?” He said, “No!” They laughed at him but he remained silent. Suddenly the sky got dark and a big storm started. The boat rocked from side to side. The two boys got frightened, held each other and cried. The old man asked them: “Do you know how to swim?” They said, “No!” The old man told them, “You laughed at me that I wasted 70 years of my life, having no worldly education. But if a wave topples the boat today, you have wasted your entire lives. Your Maths, Science and English won’t help you now.”

Lesson 3: We must not make the same mistake as these young boys where we learn only maths and science and drown in our school homework everyday; but we forget our Qur-aan and Surahs. Without madrasah how will we learn to swim to Jannah where we will enjoy and have fun forever and ever. Come every day to madrasah and learn our work properly, we will be saved from the hardships of this world and will swim safely towards Jannah.


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