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Objectives of conducting Imtihaan
  • To assess the standard of ta’leem (deeni education) at the Makaatib.
  • To assess the standard of TEACHING of the Mua’llimeen in various subjects of the Curriculum offered.
  • To assess students’ performance in the subjects taught, both, practical as well as theoretical. 
  • To ascertain whether the Mu’allimeen have fulfilled the benchmarks or criteria set out by the Madrasah.
Why do we conduct Imtihaan?
  • To maintain a high quality of ta’leem in all our makaatib.
  • To ensure that the syllabus is covered in all the makaatib. 
  • To set guidelines and benchmarks for those makaatib that are not on par with the Ta’limi Board regulations.
  • To engage the Asaatizah as well as the pupils in extensive preparations for the Imtihaan.

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