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Al Qawiy - The All Powerful

All power and strength belongs to Allah Ta’ala alone. Allah Ta’ala has the power to do anything at any time. No army, no police force, no fighter jet can ever stop Allah Ta’ala. All cartoon characters and movie actors are fake and imitation. They are not real and are all made up. They cannot do anything. Allah Ta’ala alone is full of power and might.

All children please repeat: Allah Ta’ala is Qawi. Allah Ta’ala is all Powerful.

Story:  There was a magician showing people how he could take out the head of a person and then put it back, bringing the dead back to life. The people watching were all surprised and praised him for giving life to a dead person. Hadhrat Jundub Radiyallahu Anhu, a Sahaabi happened to be there. He took out his sword and killed the magician immediately, saying, “If he can give life to the dead, he can give life to himself as well.”

It was necessary to kill the magician to save the people’s Imaan.  They may believe that he has the power to raise the dead which is not true. Today also, there are many magicians having magic shows. Most of them work with Jinnaat and Shaytaan. They do dirty things to make shaytaan happy and he in turn helps them to do black magic. We must not get carried away and feel that magicians have special powers. It is Haraam to do black magic. We must read Surah Falaq, Surah Naas, and Aayatul Kursi everyday for our protection.


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