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الغفار - Al Ghaffaar: The Most Forgiving

الغفار: The Most Forgiving

Our Allah Ta’ala is full of forgiveness. We get tired sinning but our Allah Ta’ala doesn’t get tired of forgiving us. Imagine you are playing outside in the rain and you slipped and fell in some mud. Your face, hands and clothes are full of mud, and you are feeling all muddy and dirty. But then your mummy comes and picks you up, washes you, cleans you and puts on clean clothes for you, now you feel all clean and nice again. So do not forget! How mud makes us dirty on the outside, sins makes us dirty on the inside. Sins make our heart dark and dirty. Every time we sin, a black spot comes on our heart. If we don’t turn to Allah Ta’ala in forgiveness, our whole heart becomes covered in black. Then we become lazy to do good deeds like performing salaah, reading Qur-aan, we don’t want to listen to our parents, we only want to do bad deeds. Therefore, every day we must turn to Allah Ta’ala and ask Him for forgiveness saying “ASTAGH–FIRULLAAH”  (O Allah please forgive me) Insha Allah  Allah Ta’ala will clean us and forgive us for ever.


For the Teacher:

Ask the class, “How many of you use the low pan toilet?” Tell them that it’s the best, cleanest and most natural way of relieving oneself. It’s the Sunnah way. When you squat and sit down to relieve yourself nothing gets stuck in your tummy. The high pan is called “One for you, one for me!” Every time you drop, you get splashed with No.1. If we are forced to use it, then first put toilet paper over the water to save your self from the splashes. There’s very big punishment in the grave if we are not careful. We must learn how to use the low pan toilet. The secret in using this toilet is not to lower the pants below the knees, rather it must stop half way between the waist and knee. Let us try and bring alive this great sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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