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البصير – Al Baseer:The All Seeing

البصير – Al Baseer:The All Seeing

Our Imaani Muzaakarh for this term is Al-Baseer. (Allah is All Seeing)

Ask the pupils, “Who can see us all the time?” Their answer must be "Allah Ta'ala".

Say to them, “We are very weak. If we look in front of us, we cannot see what is behind us, and if someone puts a sheet of paper before our eyes, then we will not be able to see what is in front as well. Our Allah Ta’ala sees everything. Nothing can hide from Allah Ta’ala, even if we are inside our home, inside our room, under our bed, under our blanket, Allah Ta'ala is watching us all the time.”

We in South Africa cannot see with our eyes what is happening in Malawi. Allah Ta’ala can see all the countries and cities of the world at one time. We cannot see in the dark, we need light. Our Allah Ta’ala can see the small black ant under the big black rock in a pitch black night with no need for any light. We get tired. Our eyes close and we sleep. If we try to stay awake, then we will start catching fish, our eyes will keep on closing and our heads will keep on falling. Our Allah Ta’ala is always watching us. Our Allah Ta’ala never gets tired and never ever sleeps. Before we do anything or before we go anywhere we must remind our self that our Allah Ta’ala is always watching us.

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