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اَلسَّلَامُ - The Giver of Peace

Who gives us peace? Only Allah Ta’ala gives us peace.

Money cannot buy peace. Holidays cannot give us peace. Allah Ta’ala alone gives us peace. A soft bed cannot give us a peaceful sleep. Allah Ta’ala alone gives us a peaceful sleep. When brother and sister fight or mother and father stop speaking to each other, then only Allah Ta’ala can make peace between them. The haraam T.V. and video games cannot bring peace in the home. Music cannot bring peace. Allah Ta’ala alone brings peace in our homes. Turn to Allah Ta’ala alone for peace.

Whenever you are worried and want peace read: يَا سَلَامُ (Ya-Salaamu) in abundance.

One Advice: As Muslims we have to always guard our tongues. No swearing! No teasing! No lying! Every word we speak is written down by the angels. We do not use a toothbrush to shine our shoes and then use the same toothbrush to brush our teeth. In the same way how can we use our tongues for dirty words and then the same tongues to take the pure name of Allah Ta’ala. Let us learn the lesson, “Think before we speak.”

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