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Tufatush Shabaab

Allah Ta’ala has created the human being as ‘ASHRAFUL MAKHLOOQAAT’ (the best of His creation). In order to guide His creation, He sent many messengers and revealed Divine Books.

The change from childhood to adulthood for a Muslim begins with Buloogh (puberty). Apart from physical changes (which take place inside our bodies), we undergo emotional changes (the way we feel), as well as mental changes (the way we understand things). It is, therefore, very important for us to prepare ourselves for this transformation and change.

This change comes with huge responsibilities. This body is an amaanah (trust) from Allah Ta’ala. We use it to make the ibaadah (worship) of Allah Ta’ala. Therefore, it is important that we take care of it as best we can in order to fulfil the rights of Allah Ta’ala and protect ourselves from Nafs (the carnal desires) and Shaytaan.

In Arabic there is a saying, “Youth is a kind of Madness.” This statement shows the delicate nature of the youth. They can be swayed in any direction depending on the environment and company they keep. Many challenges and evil influences are gripping the youth of today. It is important that we provide them with guidance to protect themselves from these evils.

This book was compiled to help the youth identify these evils and dissuade them from it. It also provides them with some solutions if they have succumbed to these influences. It is the responsibility of the teachers to expand on the topics provided in the book and give them detailed explanations and answer their questions. Some sections are of a sensitive nature and should not be discussed in the presence of young children.

The contents have been extracted from different books and articles which are relevant to the topics discussed. We acknowledge and are obliged to all the authors of these books and articles for their research etc.

We express our gratitude to our creator Allah Ta’ala and to all those who contributed to this book in compiling and editing this book. We humbly request you to make dua for all those contributed to this book in any way whatsoever. May Allah reward them and their families with His pleasure, grant them sincerity, forgiveness, true success in this world and the Akhirah and use them for the effort of his Deen. Aameen!

Rabbana taqabal minna Innaka Antas Sameeul Aleem wa tub Alayna innaka antat Tawaaabur Rahim

We ask Allah Ta’ala to accept our feeble efforts, for verily He is all hearing and all-knowing and we beseech His forgiveness as He is most forgiving and merciful. Aameen

This book is a “Gift for the Youth” and is therefore dedicated to them. May it be a means of guidance and help for them in this most challenging time of their life. Aameen.

We humbly ask the readers to notify the Publishers of any errors and inaccuracies as this is the first edition of the book. Your input will be greatly appreciated and will be considered in future editions insha Allah.

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