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A Motivational Eid Story - The Caliph and the New Clothes

A Motivational  Eid Story-The Caliph and the New Clothes

The little boy came running to his mother crying with a request.  “Jarir and Mughiz have both got new clothes for Eid. Can I have some new clothes as well?” The mother picked him up and wiped his tears.


Al Qawiy - The All Powerful

All power and strength belongs to Allah Ta’ala alone. Allah Ta’ala has the power to do anything at any time. No army, no police force, no fighter jet can ever stop Allah Ta’ala. All cartoon characters and movie actors are fake and imitation. They are not real and are all made up. They cannot do anything. Allah Ta’ala alone is full of power and might.

All children please repeat: Allah Ta’ala is Qawi. Allah Ta’ala is all Powerful.


Suddenly the Sky got Dark ...

Story & lessons for this term. An old man and two boys were fishing from a boat. The two boys got bored so they decided to make fun of the old man. They asked him, “Do you know anything about science?” He replied “No!” They asked him, “Did you study Maths?” He replied, “No!” They asked him, “Do you know how to read and write?” He said, “No!” They laughed at him but he remained silent. Suddenly the sky got dark and a big storm started. The boat rocked from side to side. The two boys got frightened, held each other and cried.


Story of a Taxi Driver

Once there was a taxi driver, driving down the road. He saw someone on the side of the road asking for a lift. So he stopped and asked the persons’ name. The person replied, “Lolly pop”. The taxi driver was very happy because he liked lollypops. So he put lollypop in the back seat and carried on driving.


Story of a Family and their Donkey

Once, a father and son were travelling. The father was sitting on a donkey whilst the son was pulling the reigns of the donkey. They decided to take turns riding the donkey. One hour the father would ride and the next hour the son would ride. They suddenly came upon a village when the people shouted out to the father, “Don’t you have brains? You, a big dunce on the donkey while your little son is pulling the donkey!” The father immediately jumped down and put the son on the donkey and they carried on travelling.


Story No. 35 in Fazaaile Durood

Abu Hafs Samarqandi (RA) writes in Rawnaqul-Majālis that there was once a wealthy tradesman in Balkh. He passed away and left behind two sons. His wealth was distributed equally between his sons. However, his inheritance also included three blessed hairs of the Rasulullah b. Each brother took one hair. Regarding the third hair, the elder brother said that it should be halved too. The younger brother said, “Never, by Allah!


Story of a man in the time of Rasulullah (Sallallah Alayhi Wasallam)

Abdullah bin Abbaas (RA) relates, “In the time of Rasullullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam), a certain man had a date palm tree growing in the courtyard of his house. A branch of the tree was hanging above the house of one of his neighbours who was a poor man. When the rich man climbed the tree to pick fruit and shook its branches, some of its dates fell into the poor man’s yard and his children picked them from the ground. At this, the rich man would climb down, go into his neighbour’s house and snatch the dates from the children.


Guarantee of a Home in the Middle of Jannah

Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) has said, “I guarantee a home in the middle of Jannah for that person who leaves out quarreling in spite of him being correct.

Martyrdom in the Honour of Nabi (Salallahu Alayhi wasallam)

Islam reaching us through the annals of determination. A certain Hindu organisation began publishing heartbreaking and insulting books to incite and stir up the passionate feelings Muslims have for Islam. At the end of 1923, Raajpaal, an active supporter of this organization, published an abusive book in which the honour of Nabi B was openly attacked. This publication caused a huge cry in the entire country. The Muslims held large meetings and gatherings to object and protest against it.

Death in Sujood on her Wedding Night

A true story told by Shaykh ‘Abdul Mohsen al Ahmad’, it happened in Abha (the capital of Asir province in Saudi Arabia)



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